Service Category: Organic Regenerative Fillers

With Endoret is known as a platelet -rich plasma (PRP) facelift is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting a persons own proccesed blood plasma into their face to rejuvenate and promote collagen production with Endoret which will result in a more rich product full of growth factors.

Perfect Treatment

Procedure where a person’s own plasma taken from the blood rich in growth factors, platelet and fibrin is combined with an organic filler for cosmetic purposes ,good for

  • Hair loss growth factor (PRP)
  • Dark circle and lower eyelids
  • P shot
  • Magnum penil botulin toxin to resolve and feel more confident in every area of your sexual health
  • Magnum plus penil botulin toxins with Endoret gel rich in fibrin and growth factors